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    • MZ-7 Miniature Switch with positive opening operation.(IEC/EN 60947, UL508, VDE0660))
    • Ideal for use in machinery, control units and automation systems
    • MZ-7 Miniature Switch features positive opening operation of NC contacts even when contacts are welded due to short-circuits or overload currents.
    • Optional actuators available with plain lever or roller lever.
    • Portection degree is for ontact are IP40、IP60、IP67
    • With Silver or Gold contact material.
Circuitry: Ratings:
FP 9.1±0.15 mm
OP 8.4±0.2 mm
RP 8.55±0.2mm
TTP 7.15(MIN) mm
RT 0.7mm
OT 1.25mm
DT 0.55mm
TT 1.95mm
Operating frequency
Mechanical  200 operations/min.
Contact material
Ag or Au
Contact resistance
100m max.
Insulation resistance
100m min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength
1000VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between terminals of the same polarity.
Ambient operating temperature
-25 to +80
Ambient operating Humidity
85%~100% RH max.
Service life
Mechanical 500,000 operations min
Degree of protection
IP 40, IP60 & IP67