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MJ2 Series
MV Series
MN Series
MJ1 Series
MJ series
ME Series
MEA Series
M6 Series
M4 Series
M8 Series
M22 Series
M6L - Pilot Light M6P - Illuminated push buttons M6S - Illuminated selector /
Selector switches
M6K - Key selector switches    
    • Apparent shape:
      Round(Ø 18mm). Square(18 x 18mm). Rectangular(18 x 24mm).
    • Install and remove the contact block easily.
    • Gold-clad cross bar contact.
    • Solder/plug-in terminal (#110)and P.C board terminal type.
    • Light touch structure.
    • Use of High Performance Engineering Plastics.
    • Protective grade IP65(IEC Pud 529)
Lamp: Contact:
Lamp Type Rated voltage Rated current Illumination color
Incandescent Lamp (AC/DC) 6V 200mA *
14V 80mA *
28V 40mA *
LED lamp (DC) 6V 25mA RED (R) White (W)
12V 25mA Green (G) White (W)
Blue (B)
24V 25mA Yellow (Y) Blue (B)
Neon lamp (AC) 110V 1.2mA RED(R)
220V 1.2mA Green(G)
Rated insulation voltage 250V AC/DC
Rated current 5A
Operating Voltage   30V 125V 250V
Operating current (Resistive) AC * 3A 2A
DC 2A 0.4A *
*minimum applicable load (reference value): 5V 1mA AC/Dc

Operating Temperature -25ºC ~ =55ºC (Without freezing)
Storage Temperature -30ºC ~ =80ºC
Operating Humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
Contact Resistance 50M Ω maximum(initial value)
Insulation Resistance 100M minimum(500V DC megger)
Dielectric strength Between live part and ground:2500VAC:1 minuate
Between terminals of different poles:2500VAC:1 minuate
Between terminals of the same poles:1000VAC:1minuate
Vibration Resistance Operating extremes:5~55Hz,Amplitude 1.0mmp-p
Damage limits:100m/s2 (Approx:100G)
Operating extremes:1000m/s2 (Approx:10G)
Mechanical Life (min) Momentary:2,000,000
Selector switch:250,000
Electrical Life (min) Momentary:100,000 (1800 operations/hour)
Alternate:100,000 (1200 operations/hour)
Selector switch:100,000
Protection Degree IP65(IEC Pud 529)
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