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Subminiature DB Series
Subminiature E Series
Subminiature-Sealed DC Series
Miniature D4 Series
Heavy Duty Snap Action
GP series
General Purpose - Single &
Double Pole E Series
Panel Mount Pushbutton - Single
& Double Pole E Series
Magnetic Sensor
    • Ultra-small travel differential
    • Mechanical life tested to 1 million cycles
    • Current switching to 15 amps
    • Wide variety of actuators
    • Screw or solder terminals standard
    • Low operate forces available
Ratings 15A, 250VAC (UL)
15A, 250V (VDE)
Dielectric Strength 1000VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100M ohms min at 500VDC
Initial Contact Resistance 15m ohms max
Temperature Range -20°C to +85°C
Case Phenolic
Cover Phenolic
Spring Beryllium Copper Alloy
Contacts Silver Alloy
Terminals Base Screw Terminals; Copper Alloy Solder Terminals
Lever Actuator Nickel-Plated Steel
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