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ME Series
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M22 Series
• Flat head/ Illuminated Pushbuttons  • Extended head/ Illuminated Pushbuttons  • Double Actuators Pushbutton  
• (Illuminated) Mushroom Actuators Pushbutton  • Selector Actuators Switch  • Key-operated Actuators Switch  
• Pilot Lights  • Compact Pilot Lights  • (Illuminated) Emergency-Stop Pushbuttons  • Box  • Accessories  Dimensions    
Flat head/ Illuminated Pushbuttons

Operation Code
Momentary M
Alternate A
Wiring terminal

Wiring terminal Code
Screw Terminals with Fixing on Adapter SF
Screw terminals with Fixing on Base SB
Clamp terminals with Fixing on Adapter CF
Clamp terminals with Fixing on Base CB
PCB terminals with fixing on adapter PF
Contact switch block

Contact switch block Code
NO+NC(1A+1B) 11
NO(1A) 10
NC(1B) 01
2NO(2A) 20
2NC(2B) 02

Rating operation voltage

Rating operation voltage Code
LED30V E30
LED230V E230
Color of lens

Color of lens Code
Green G
Red R
Yellow Y
White W
Blue BL
White Opaque WO
Red Opaque RO
Black Opaque BKO


As required.

Type No. Example    

1. M22FP-MSF11G
2. M22FP-ASB20E30R (LED 30V)