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Subminiature DB Series
Subminiature E Series
Subminiature-Sealed DC Series
Miniature D4 Series
Heavy Duty Snap Action
GP series
General Purpose - Single &
Double Pole E Series
Panel Mount Pushbutton - Single
& Double Pole E Series
Magnetic Sensor
    • 8 current ratings
    • Choice of actuators
    • Various terminal types
    • 3 contact arrangements
    • Choice of standard or light operating force
    • Long-life coil spring mechanism
    • Agency approved extended life versions
    • ENEC/VDE approval standard on European versions
    • Stackable case and cover available upon request
Electrical Ratings:
EN61058 Rating UL1054 Rating Electrical Life at Rated Load
According to
EN (Min.
According to
UL (Min.
D40 N/A 1.0A, 125VAC N/A 6,000*
D41 0.1(0.05)A, 250V~ 0.1A, 125/250VAC 50,000 6,000*
D42 3(1)A, 250V~ 3A, 125/250VAC,
1/10HP, 250VAC
50,000 6,000*
D43 6(2)A, 250V~ 5A, 1/4HP,
50,000 6,000*
D44 10(3)A, 250V~ 10A, 1/2HP,
50,000 6,000*
D45 16(4)A, 250V~ 10(3)A,
400V~ (Std. force only)
15A, 1/2HP,
50,000 6,000*
D48 21(8)A, 250V~ 21A, 1HP, 125VAC,
2HP, 250VAC
10,000 6,000
D49 N/A

10A, 1/2HP, 125/
250VAC; 6A, 30VDC

N/A  6,000* 
Operating life for 125°C and 150°C available upon request.
* Indicates 100K life available. Consult factory.
Temperature Rating -40° to +85°C, 125°C or 150°C
Flammability Rating UL94V-O
Case Thermoplastic Polyester (PBT),
European Versions (PET)
Actuating Button Thermoplastic Acetal (POM) 85°C
Thermoplastic Polyester (PET) 125°C, 150°C
Auxiliary Actuator Aluminum, Stainless Steel or
Cold-Rolled Steel (Nickel-Plated)
Common Terminal Silver-Plated Brass
NO/NC Terminals Brass (D40, D41, D42, D43, D44, D49 and
D45–European versions)
Copper (D45–US Versions and D48–European versions)
Silver-Plated Copper (D48–US versions)
Moving Blade Brass (D40, D41, D42, D43)
Beryllium Copper (D44, D45, D48)
Contacts Gold Crosspoint (D40, D41)
Silver Alloy (D42, D43, D44, D45, D48, D49)
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